Solitude – Hour Twenty One

All alone in the quiet, while others are sleeping
I sit and I softly reflect
My life is so blessed, my heart filled with such pride
For these blessings I’ve so much respect
I am living a life I never thought could be
With a family I’ve made on my own
I’m grateful for moments like these in the still
To feel pride as I sit all alone
My husband is awesome, he’s hardworking and wise
Our daughter is my dream come true
I know I can do nothing wrong in their eyes
They love me for all that I do
Even our silly cat respects me in her way
I have neighbors that I call my friends
I’ve helped many people, I’ve found my own gifts
And I’ve tried to move mountains on ends
The latter unsuccessful and yet, I have tried
Still, I find incredible joy
In knowing that every day that I am given
I try my hardest to employ
The most of the blessings that life has bestowed
For each is richly filled with wonder
I’d trade it for nothing, for even if it’s not perfect
It is where I feel I’m meant to be

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