Before Darkness

Birds announced the moment of sunrise,

she approached the window,

warmth graced her face and she felt safe now,

the terror that once plagued the countryside had subsided,

the end of a war,

men fought bravely,

protecting what they considered theirs,

not just women’s bodies,

but land on which they wished to plant their seeds and plow,

before darkness, there was a lighter shade of darkness, 

shadows covering the escalation of a cultural war,

impure intentions were the norm,

no one was safe,


some are safe,

grey clouds linger over certain communities,

this is the cost light,

when darkness is the norm, 

An opened window,

the ashes of burning burials had cleared,

flesh coated air– blown down the river to the next town,

she closed her eyes,

the air of new sufferers filled her lungs with shaded darkness. 

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