Hello Fellow Poets,

I am watching the Democratic National Convention speeches at this moment and cannot think of another activity that reflects my interests. I am a political writer and believe that “the personal is political.” My writing blurs the personal/political spectrum and dives deeper into how people connect to one another through loss. I am an out Lesbian Feminist and admire poet Adrienne Rich.

Logistically– I am a 27 year old lesbian graduate student whose childhood was rooted in poverty. My experiences influence my writing and I find much comfort when I write poems.

I am looking forward to this marathon, love challenging myself, and cannot wait to succeed in writing 24 poems in 24 hours.

I hope that everyone is approaching this marathon with the same optimism. Looking forward to pushing through to the end with you all!

I have already stocked up on coffee! 🙂


Jennifer Meneray



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