NAS Post 9


Grace is more than a wish,    more than a prayer,

more than an answered prayer.

It is all of the love and providence

that goes into being loved and fortunate.

Some choices cause us trouble.

Some of us just cannot SEE that we are loved beyond our asking.

Sue’s Mom didn’t know how to love her

without expecting her to be bad

God’s grace led Sue to succeed

as  a mother determined to love her children.

Toni’s mom didn’t know how to love her children

without broadcasting their every mistake to the community.

God’s grace led Toni to love her Mom anyway.

My mom loved me enough to want me to be healthy and happy

even more than she wanted me to be good.

God’s grace led me to live up to that trust much of the time

and follow her example, and trust in God to help where needed.

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