Prompt five

Grandma’s twig

Grandma planted a twig

She pushed it into the rich

Black soil and directed us

All to let it grow, to be careful

Not to mow it over

To everyone’s surprise it rooted

And began to grow

When she died

Thirty years ago

it was a scrawny thing

Barely shading anything.

Last week my cousins and

I met the people who bought

The house. They took us

Through and then into the yard

We gasped when we saw the

Tree. Now a thick trunk

Supporting an umbrella of

Close-growing leaves,

Perfect shade for picnics

–Grandma’s dream for our

Together ness.

“My grandchildren have parties with their dolls there the lady

Told us.

We smiled. The tree had served

Its purpose, and so had grandma’s love

We were too old for back yard teatime picnics

But we three were still close cousins

Like sisters

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