Hour Six 2021

Sharing Life

We are ginko enthusiasts. 
Four of us gather at an outdoor picnic table,
share a bit of news, talk about the terrain. The local 
one offers a few tips, and we set off. Solo, we trundle
in different directions—no hurry, no pace, no swinging
of arms. This is a ginko. We observe nature—surroundings,
the small, normally unnoticed happenings of life,
then write about it in haiku.  

dried-up osoberries
the spring gone
from my legs

2 thoughts on “Hour Six 2021

  1. Allison,
    This form is called a haibun. It has three parts, the title, prose, and haiku. They are not to repeat things but connect in a subtle manner. I love haibun—it’s a Japanese form.
    Thanks for your comment!

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