Sign and sealed

Dear respectable reader

Signed and sealed is the documentation so factual
To factorize my old physique and address the born again
Me in concord……

I was once a smuggler, time to let go,
I was once a tentacle for drug manipulator;
Possessive thought to destroy entire humanity;
Radical objective for my mission, never impossible;
Probabilities speaketh demolition,
However, the demands where harsh;
This hath divided me apart from my natural essence;
My tendency was indeed so daunting; I cry tears of discomfort,
No portion I left no pills unattended, indeed the pertinent so eruptional;
Die walking, illegal to my essence; I cry tears of grief;
Bear in mind, these noses were so stubborn, they kept on sniffing,
I was then called a dog (Slang), anathema is a metaphor;
Smoking my mind like a bullet gunning down a brain,
Indeed! Smoking like an engine lost its tappets permission,
Intake and exhaust kind of combination;
Paradise lost in camouflage; I was just an addiction to this proverb, I was feeling high and good every second; all is fading. I cry tears of peace

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