The Stoic Pelican


Upon the placid, darkened lake

and beneath the huge, bright moon

there sat a stoic Pelican

whose chicks would die too soon.


They clamored in a panic

for there was no food to spare.

The Pelican’s wings were broken

so the nest was bare.


Looking with pity at her brood

she knew what must be done.

Striking her breast, out poured blood

upon each and every one.


The chicks gobbled hungrily

at this sacred food.

And the Pelican, in her glory,

smiled upon her brood.


That’s the ancient legend

which saints of old did tell

to describe how God

indeed feeds us just as well.


He comes down from highest Heav’n

to altars on the earth

from which He pours forth Himself

to nourish and give new birth.


For, our hungry souls are fed

like chicks in a nest

And our Stoic Pelican

provides Food Most Blessed.





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