DogSpeak #12 Naming

DogSpeak #12 Naming

Adam wasn’t around
when I got here and besides,
he probably ran out of names
long ago.

So I came here, rescued
from an unspeakable place
sans name; they called me
cutie and smoochie puppy
but mostly they called me no
and loud and often.

I thought my name was no
but when they started calling me
bad puppy, out-out-out, and not
on the carpet!, I was just glad
to have a happy home.

When they started calling me
Doodle, I ignored them; I already
had several names and wasn’t
looking for another; it was hard
to keep track.

In time, no stopped, out-out-out
disappeared in the backyard
somewhere, and they pulled up
all the carpet.

Now that I am a little older,
I just have one name. Doodle,
not on the new tile!

~ J R Turek

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