DogSpeak #19 Mommy & Me

DogSpeak #19 Mommy & Me

I wink at Mommy
and she winks back.
She thinks there’s a code.

I tilt my head left, she tilts
hers left. I think she thinks
I see something she doesn’t.

I stare at the ceiling
without blinking. She stares
– haha, I made her look.

I give her a schedule every day.
Let me out, let me in, feed me,
let me eme in, repeat.

I slobber windows, doors
and mirrors all over the house;
she likes my snot art.

I give her security, friendship
and unconditional permission…
some days, she only talks to me.

I stare at her while she eats;
she feels guilty and gives me some,
even though I just ate.

Mommy & Me.
It was easy;
I had her at woof.

~ J R Turek

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