DogSpeak Hour 1 2022


Sometimes I wonder
about these humans –
their manic mood swings
about the least important stuff
like what to wear and where
to go, what to eat, who to go
with or without, who pays, who drives…
it drives me out of my canine head
to think they are stressing themselves.

My buddy has some sage advice
about worry; after all, He made
the lilies in the field to sprout,
grow, bloom, and die. He gave
birds wings to fly, skills to build
nests, multiply; to forage for food
for their families and the sense to
stay away from felines. He may
have made these peoplekind …
though some aren’t too kind…
in his image but we are a reflection
of Him. It’s what we are. God. Dog.
It makes us, well special and we love
everything about Him… just maybe
questioning his judgment with
these human beings.

So what happened when it came
to humans? Life is good, plenty
to do, to see, to experience first paw,
umm, hand, so who cares who has
the bigger house or truck or paycheck?
They are worrying themselves into
a shorter life and then that big boat
bopping around the bay won’t mean
a thing.

I hope they get the message soon.
After all, this is an important time.
It’s time for my dinner.

~ J R Turek

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