Water Water

Water Water
a haiku sequence

stormy weather
for the first day of summer
perhaps a bad omen

rain pelts gardens
tender annuals just planted
float in rivulets

I quell maternal instincts
for fledglings fighting
for a chance to bloom

lightning strikes a tree
on the next block, a sizzle
the power goes out

hum rain rain go away
does nothing to ease
my ire or the downpour

thunder rumbles once
rain stops, a peek of sun
parts empty clouds

lights blink on off on
step out in tall boots
survey the damage done

I pat mud down around
plant stems, hope they will
survive their drenching

sun radiates full power
beds soak up water
the day turns steamy

weather forecasts
high heat all week – sigh
I’ll have to water the garden

~ J R Turek
June 27, 2021 Hour 21

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