“Trapped” POEM 6

There is poetry happening here
the sound of a mouse caught in a glue trap
is melding with the hum of a sticky covered ice cream cooler
while 8bit music blips over the cries of a squeaking thief

in the building symphony that i imagine unfolding
my phone rings and i multitask vain goals
while being told of harsh realities
happening while change is nothing but a word
in a vapid conversation

Busy Bee calls to complain about a shattered leg she refuses to get healed
dreams that wont come easily
reiterated pains recycled repeatedly
i just type and say good night lovingly

“despite all my rage….
       i am still just a rat in a cage”

The resonance in my ears rises
even while my heart sinks
cycles are circles
but there is four sides to every story
So I am trapped
listening to the perceptions of defeat
being retold like a won war victory

The sky has not gone black
it is tinged aubergine
a small touch of royal color
a hidden note from The Risen King

As the sun moves on to light paths with more promise
the runway lights of an airport
silhouette the skyline
Jet fuel dumping trails
while travelers take off towards home

*Bullet With Butterfly Wings by Smashing Pumpkins

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