Chasing The Sky

Chasing The Sky

Chasing clouds with bottled rain

With hope still rising, it left a stain

From bleeding colors of a bow

With a promise of riches down below.

The brush of clouds, fingerprints in sky

Distinguished the patterns of another goodbye

As wind shuffles the leaves from the lumbering trees

Upon the ground sprawled on hands and knees

Scuffling through the rain-dotted earth

Seeking out some semblance of worth

Search above and only find

Chalk lines of clouds intertwined

Woven together, darkness and light

With grey hairs forming the current plight

As lines are drawn in weathered expressions

Life hadn’t given that many concessions

For when one wastes time in the vault of heaven

Time is a bitch and gives no concession

So chase your rainbows through garden hoses

And ruminate over what the prism imposes

For when you spend time gathering your rain

Falling from eyes red, swollen, and drained

Blurred by fog as thick as skin

Never realized that feelings begin

In dreams, a dare for imagination

Love given freely, my heart’s destination.

As the sun dives down behind the firmament

The seasons change, nothing is permanent.

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