Water And Earth

I am the river
you are the earth
steely grey waters
bubbling over rocks
collecting in the crevices
speeding with the current
taking me along.
I hold tight to your sides
as you guide me with gentle hands
palm pressed against the small of my back
dropping your colored leaves
to improve the density of my tannin
Life fills me and swims along between us
Flitting fins silver scales
Play wind instruments with their melody.
I listen to the delicate trickle
That narrows me as your embrace
Holds me tighter with the strength
Of arms of trees outstretched
Bending over my waters
Looking in the mirrored glass
That perhaps you could see in you
What I do and what I have witnessed
And when I look below I notice
As I glide upon the sandy bottom
You are there as well-
In each grain
Surrounded by invisible life
And are stirred with a flick
Blending together in a dancing swirl
Where I am you and you are me
Together, always we.
As I continue on
Though I may narrow till I’m but a trickle
Where I end is where you begin
But beneath you, I still keep flowing
forever with you.

One thought on “Water And Earth

  1. Lovely! The short lines are what I love about poetry in general : telling the story or explaining the idea without extra words. Conciseness is good.

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