You Will Love

I can guarantee
Beyond a shadow of a doubt
That you will find love someday

Your soul will cry out
When you meet them
And weep to realize they were

Waiting for you their whole life
And you have been waiting
For them.

And when you find that love
You will hold on and let go
You will find a way to be with them

You will climb mountains
Swim oceans
And move continents for them

You will shakedown
The whole earth
Just to hear them say ‘I love you, too’.

So don’t tell me you’ll remain alone
Because I sure as hell know you won’t
Not really.

You just haven’t yet found
The one who sparks your soul
And leaves you breathless

In the sight or presence of them
You will find yourself weak
And they’ll be there to catch you

When others had let you fall.
Even if it seems impossible-
You will wait or you will fight

to be the one to hold them
from now through the afterlife.

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