Magic Box

I was once in a coma for about 2 years. I had many dreams during this time, but the one I remember most clearly went something like this:

I was walking down the street, and

a box was blocking my path. It was no bigger than the size of a watermelon, but

It was there.

Every one else seemed to

Walk around it. as if unconsciously avoiding it.

I asked a passerby, “do you see that box??”

“what box?”

I pointed in front of me. “that box! the one right there”

He looked at the box and back at me, as if

I were crazy.

Clearly he couldn’t see it.

I asked 3 more people. A young couple with tightly clasped hands

And an old woman with a dog in her purse.


All of them said they saw no box. The old woman offered to call an ambulance for me.


so I picked up the box, this box meant for me. And I opened it.


Magic leapt into

My hands.

And then I woke up.


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