Goodbye Jealousy

Jealousy was an old acquaintance of mine
An inner voice that uttered an endless rant,
Because she was obsessed in being the best,
A master manipulator, she made an ogre out of me,
Planted in me the seed of hate,
Urged me to wish for others to fail,
Coached me to act a pretentious life,
Taught me to erase guilt caused by cruelty,
Pushed me to envy the strengths of others,
Assisted me in bragging , boasted many lies,
Whispered me disparaging words, belittled me,
Kept me imprisoned in the darkest sea of misery,

But I had ceased to listen,
I broke free from the shackles of her oppression,
Gained freedom, detoxed my emotions,
I said good bye to Jealousy.
I was awaken, the absolute truth illuminated my path,
What did I see? A beautiful world, full of opportunities,
So I skipped misery, found solace in life,
Embraced the true purpose of my existence,
None were better or less than me,
I am unique, found my own blessed strength,
Nurtured my potentials, harvested my crops,
Achieved my dreams and awakened more like me,
Showed them the light, fished them out of the dark,
Because everyone deserves a fair chance,
To shoot an arrow, aiming to bulls eye on happiness.

Jealousy still visits me often, banging at my door,
And I still says no to her, today, tomorrow,
And for the rest of my life.

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