Hour 3 Her Enchanted Place

Prompt 3 – Use the Image above


Hour 3


Her Enchanted Place


She stood on the rocks below the wind-scraped, two-story house where her grandparents had lived and where she had played beneath the bridge every summer from when she was eight or nine.  Less brush then. Rocks, big and flat, for mud pie tea parties with Sandy, her favorite doll, and Squeal, her dog. Tommy, from the next house over, had come over every day that last summer she was there and played ball with her most days or they went bike riding or fishing with Grandpa and ate sandwiches and cookies Grandma made. They didn’t know it was the last summer life was normal. The house had stood empty since she was sixteen, abandoned, to the seasons after the last renters had vacated. It was time now to sell the land. It would be cleared and divided, plots sold. She looked around her at this place, the bridge, the house on the hill and the rocks. She walked up the hill met the realtor and told her decision about her enchanted place and this plot.

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