Another Year, Another Time, Another Rush

Hey guys!!!

So happy to be here once again!

I’ve done this so many times I feel like I’m losing count! 5th one! Big ole number five. Hard to believe — a half, three fulls, and this will be another half.

I’m on vacation this year, nestled deep in the Kentucky mountains, which would seem like the prime inspiration point for some wicked nature-based poetry…but the internet connection here doesn’t cooperate with that notion.

But it’s okay. Everything happens for a reason.

Usually I use the Marathon as the main poetry-generator for the year, but this past year I’ve been in a writing group and have generated about a poem a month — which equates to what I’d be missing out on by doing a half. It all evens out.

All a part of God’s plan.

This year I’ll have my muse by my side, though. My star.

So we’ll see how this goes.

It is sure to be a good — nay, great — year.

See you on the writing side. 🙂



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