My collection of containers:

My collection of containers:

1 Hawaiian Punch jug

Label removed, gift from my great

aunt used to store pennies she littered,

a basement hunt for me and three

cousins, now collecting bedroom dust

2 ají jars

Small, protruding checkered sides

that catch the sun, beautiful,

decorations on the mantle,

one now contains holy water

3 applesauce containers

Kept because of the indents at the side,

easy to hold, memories of the kids

who sloppily ate from it, pretty

pictures of apples and smiles

5 paper cups

Large, used to hold tickets

at arcades, strips still protruding,

never turned in, dusting, hoping

to be used for a giant pink dog

5 take-out salsa containers

Kept for stirring paint, easier

than buying brand-new,

in my basement waiting

for me to start painting again

6 water bottles

Empty, lying on the floor,

reminding of boys long gone,

drunk the day they took my heart,

the last piece I have to hold

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