Hour One: Surrender

Surrender (Hour One)

The wave crests and crashes
down upon me
crushing me in its curl
and I am engulfed,
overwhelmed by its strength,
unable to emerge
unable to call out
unable to surface
unable to breathe,
tossed to and fro.

No sound save
a muffled burbling,
as if in a dream,
a bubbling,
the sucking of water,
a seething power
surrounding me
and I am helpless.

Storm-tossed like the shells
that scratch my skin,
scraping along the seabed.
swirling, swirling,
endlessly it seems
my lungs should burst for want of air
until at last
I am tossed up,
spewed out,
surrendered as the surf recedes
gasping, sputtering,
draining water from every orifice,
like a beached whale
upon the sand.


Write a poem about being in water. It can be about swimming, the shower, a bath, the rain, etc.

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