Hour Two: Stillness

Stillness (Hour Two)

Between the woods and frozen lake
there is a little stretch of sand
you reach it by the pathway there
amid the rushes and the cattails
worn down and crushed beneath
the tentative step of whitetailed deer.
Between the woods and frozen lake
a tiny strand of beach
once site of  last summer’s sandcastles,
windswept, little mounds of sand
now long forgotten,
save in a dream perhaps.
Between the woods and frozen lake
a stillness hovers
a moment awaits
a change in season, whether frosty blast
or warming breeze.
Life in the balance, holding its breath.
Between the woods and frozen lake
let’s take a stroll and look up at the stars
and soak in the moment.

It all too soon will pass.


(credit to Robert Frost)

Text Prompt

Read Robert Frost’s poem Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening,  chose one line or phrase, and with credit, write a poem with that line or phrase in it. Prompt partially contributed by Se Johnson.

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