2021 Poetry Marathon, Hour 8

For Hour 8, I went with the text prompt.

Our Hero sets out
on a quest
and has a series of wacky adventures
until we get to the end of the book

But I’ve forgotten how it ends

Usually, I forget bits that happen
in the middle
with all that plot happening
it’s hard to keep track of details

But they say the journey is the thing

So here I am
the forgetful reader
remembering either how the story goes
or how the story ends

Douglas Adams once said
of his famous 42 as the answer
to the question of life, the universe, and everything
that we can know the question
or we can know the answer
but we don’t get to know both

I understand now

26 June 2021

2 thoughts on “2021 Poetry Marathon, Hour 8

  1. What a lovely way of forgetting the idea of remembering what you read! Including the wonderful Douglas Adams quote only serves to highlight the fact that sometimes we can’t really make sense of anything! I love that you have a choice of ‘remembering either how the story goes/or how the story ends’ which adds an air of mystery to both the journey and the conclusion – a true reflection of life!

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