Wide Awake

Deep sleep is where I laid

Even while awake

For it was when I obeyed

That serpent, wise—old snake


When my thoughts returned to me

From where they once had gone

That I began to stop and see

The path to which they fasten—


For as the sun is said to rise

Each and every—day

From the east until it dies

Returning to obey—


For light might move from east to west

Giving life to all that live

As it seems to never rest

As though its been taken captive


From life to death and what’s left in between

A course to which we are forced

To obey this same, wise—old routine

Until it is divorced—


For sleep no longer reigns in me

As I’m wide—awake

And the spirit of prophecy

Is finally burned at the stake


For words themselves must be bound

When concealed until the light might show

That they will often be found

When its time to know


Knowing is they key that reveals

What’s hidden deep inside

That which was once concealed

But is now very much brought to life


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