The Fox

There are two souls that reside in my heart.

One is the good, the man with a love for everyone.

It’s the hero, the one who believes that good triumphs.

The one who’d go to the ends of the earth for a happy ending.

The side of me that almost everyone can see.


Then there is another. He is just as much me as the first,

But still he stays hidden for fear of what may come out.

When I sleep, he moves my tongue in strange words and phrases.

He lays in my mind, tempting me to stray from safety.

It would all be so easy. Just one step and you’ll be happier.


This is the fox. He is cunning and manipulative.

Seeking sensuality in every form, so that he can indulge

In the physicality of nature. He is not evil, no.

Never does he wish harm on anyone.

But no one believes that.

And why should they?

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