Love At First Sight

Dear Mom,

I hope you like my picture. I would have signed it with my paw, but we don’t have ink up here. Sorry about the wet mark. Licking it was the best I could do.

There are a couple of things you should know today. First off, I fell in love with you the moment I laid eyes on you. I know you think it was the other way around, but that’s not so. I guess you forgot how good my sniffer is!

You smelled so good and I caught your scent when you and Dad walked through the door at the pet store. When our eyes met, I knew I wouldn’t let you get away and I would love you forever! Mom, I still do.

It is hard to say what I loved best about you because I loved everything. I loved the way you said my name and called me for kibbles and snuggled. You made sure I had all the things I needed to make me happy. I loved our walks on the greenway and rides to the lake. Remember the ducks! Woof! That was exciting!

I want you to know how thankful I am for saving my life more than once. It was scary being in the pet hospital for 4 days without eating. I couldn’t! I missed you so much and my doctor was really glad when you insisted on seeing me that 4th day; you were the only one who get me to drink water – right out of your hand!

When the neighbor kid let me off my leash and I was missing for 40 days, you and Dad never gave up! God told me you prayed every day to get me back. I could hear your voices calling my name and you could hear me bark when that man would let me outside. We were so close, but you couldn’t see me.

I know you loved all of your pets, even Slik. He was a cool cat! I didn’t really know the other cats. I’m glad I shared a home with Ginger; by the way, she sends you her love too. We have always been pals. Thank you for not letting her suffer in the end.

We watch all the shenanigans the youngest pups put you through and we laugh, knowing how we did the same things. They are sweet dogs. We hope you keep them safe too.

Well, Mom, we could go on and on with stories. Our lives with you were special, but you need to focus on this 2022 Poetry Marathon. Keep up the good work.

We will see each other soon.


Annie and Ginger

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