Dear Kat, Age 14 With Broken Ear Drum

Dear Kat,

Soon you will be hearing better than ever!
Your doctors have exciting new tools to restore what you’ve lost.
You will be first among teens who receive microscopic surgery,
They will build you a new eardrum with a vein!
Famously speaking, You will be in a book -may be more than once.
It will be a long road with ups and downs along the way.
Music will be as important to you as the Art you create now.
You will one day overcome all the troubles you seem to find.
There’s a world out there
Wonderful and happy –it waits for you.
Keep drawing, keep writing,
Keep your friends in your heart
Though you may be far away.
There is one whose life you will
Touch many important times,
Destiny declares you will be
The missionary you dream of
But not the way you dream.
Rather, in a very special way, helping others heal.
You don’t know it now, but you have what it takes to be used by God.
He has a plan and a purpose for you; it may not be what you think.
He will need to make some changes you won’t understand for many years;
Don’t get discouraged, don’t let other’s opinions
cause you tears…
You know who you can believe.
There is much I want to say
But you are not prepared for that.
Just know you are loved by many
Treasured by a few.
Saved by one.
His name is Jesus.

Lovingly your much older self,
Kat (72 yrs young)

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