I’ll Clean It Up After

How do I describe water

the essential element of life

Without it

we grow faint and suffer

I love it in a glass or a bubbly bath

slipping under or running through

my hair on purpose

thirsty skin and shafts waiting for

the lather

in my hand

I love it

gently splashing

over my toes sinking in the sand

I love it

on a window

in a storm reflecting

flashes of

light across the sky

I love it slow and gentle

running in rivelets

down the windowpane

or in a hard downpour leaving

muddy stain

it’s messy

but we will clean it

after the rain


I loved how it trickled down

my legs that day

announcing joy was on its way

We cleaned it up after the pain

there it was

that essential

to life element again


can be messy

like rain

when inspiration comes

I’ll clean them up later after the pain




One thought on “I’ll Clean It Up After

  1. Very beautifully done, the flow of water in simple and extraordinary moments of life…

    ‘I love it

    on a window

    in a storm reflecting

    flashes of

    light across the sky’. Unquote.

    And then,

    ‘That day announcing joy was on its way’



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