Sunrise on the Eastern Shore

Silver sand takes on a crimson glow,
Slowly giving way to pale purple waves
Splashing their frothy form across the jetty.
Smells of salty seaweed fill the air,
Seagulls soaring just below a salmon colored sky.
Sandpipers skipping to and fro hunting
Sea snails and insects burrowing at the edge of the surf.
Sand crabs flipping through the outgoing tide,
Seeking escape from their feathered foes.
Sun is up and day begins with
Shining shells soon cracked by bills;
Scattered screeching of Terns and hens
Sucking shells of Turtle eggs unhatched,
Strewing pieces across their nests.
Seems a shame, but the creator knows best,
Saving some… and feeding the rest.

© 2017 Kathleen J Kidder
8/5/2017 Hour Eleven – Half Marathon

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