WPA – Word Players Anonymous

Don’t know why there seems such a fuss
Surely there’s a twelve-step program for us
Playing with words is much more than fun
A ‘Player’ can’t stop once they’ve begun

Delicious words spill from our fingers
Uplifting, teasing, or maybe just zingers
It’s raucous, exhilarating writing a pun
No, a ‘Player’ can’t stop once they’ve begun

When feeling munificent his words can be healing
When his rhyme is perhaps great, it’s fodder for stealing
But rest ye assured, word police are watching all words under the sun
Because unscrupulous ‘Players’ can’t stop, once they’ve begun

So with all this in mind and so many words in our head
Whatever your oeuvre, be hopeful instead
That you never grow weary of words having fun
And with pride be a ‘Player’– don’t stop you’ve begun

By Kathleen J Kidder at 11:47 on 8/5/2017

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