Sestina sex

Feel my gentle caress,

my fingertips of lust.

As you slowly undress,

I could nearly combust.

Teasing what I obsess,

making your body thrust.


Yet as your hips thrust,

to this tender caress.

I feel your heart combust,

stopping your undress.

Now your eyes filled with lust,

it’s you who now obsess.


Yet why should you obsess?

I have yet to thrust.

Deep into that velvet caress,

over and over till I combust.

So continue your slow undress,

become overwhelmed with lust.


My pride rises the peak of my lust.

I see your eyes widen and obsess,

in anticpation of my thrust.

Instead I tease with sweet caress,

and smile as you almost combust,

another pause in your undress.


Your dress slips down revealing what’s left to undress.

My heart filled with lust,

I slip my fingers between and slowly caress.

I feel you smile, shudder, and thrust.

Oh yes, do obsess,

till I let you combust.


No you may not combust.

Not till you undress.

Those pout lips filled with lust,

attempting to make me obsess.

Yet I control your wanton thrust,

with this simple caress.


Softly I continue to caress, and again nearly you combust.

I feel the wet heat of your lust, as you hurry to undress.

Your eyes fixated and obsess, as i begin to thrust.

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