Breaking Down

I was born old

like my father before me

but it was always in my mind

Now I feel old

in my body, and in my mind


I am always so tired

And I just can’t be the way I was before.

My joints crack, my head aches, my muscles are soft

and struggle to do the things that came easily to them

I feel old

Is it my schedule, my diet, my outlook on life?

Has the world beaten me back or have I defeated myself.

They say its all downhill after 25,

and right now that certainly feels true.

But you know what is the worst part?

I can’t sit down and eat like I used to.

16 year old me, you have no idea how lucky you were.

You were strong, you were fast, and my god you could eat whatever you wanted and a lot of it.

Like, a lot.

Goodbye, fair princess of yesteryear.

I am breaking down, little by little…

I need to run more.

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