My Heart is in the North

Across the sea

through frozen waves

and depths so deep that they have never seen the sun

Lies a land

sister to my own

separated billions of year ago

A land that holds my heart

From the moment I first stepped onto this land

with the rain lightly touching my face and the wind in my hair

the lush greenness and the freshness of the air

called me home

And I knew, this is where I belonged

But my passport says something different

Country borders are still a thing

and I cannot go home

No matter how much I long for it.

Alba, tha gaol agam ort (Scotland, I love you)

Bidh gaol agam ort gu bràth (I will always love you)

Tha m ‘anam a ’caoineadh dhut (My soul weeps for you)

Tha mi a ’cluinntinn gu bràth (My heart is yours forever)

A dh’aithghearr thig mi dhachaigh (Soon I will come home)

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