content warning: intense feeling, some potentially unpleasant metaphor, very stream-of-consciousness

i’ve got words i’ve got words
i’ve got so many words they’re
bursting out of me it’s wildfire it’s fireworks
it’s sparking i am consumed by what’s inside of me
it’s everything it’s all i know i am
words, painted, carved from my skin
my bone my blood – i am words,
and nothing more than that – i am words
i am filled to the brim with words i am overflowing
with words all i have is words and i will
scream them out into the nothing.
at the end of the day i am only a wraith,
a ghoul, a ghost, a temporary placeholder
for what is meant to be – that’s why i’m words,
crumbling, falling down, burning me inside-out
these words cannot express, cannot explain
emotion is a mimicry and i am an excellent mimic,
a parrot, learning my own new words to
create some music, some lyrics, something
that can ground me – save me – damn me –
i use my words like a weapon and a shield,
use my words like violence like biting like pain
and i hold them like a panacea to every little cut
i’ve ever felt and somehow, something,
in all of these words

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