Am I, Though?

An iamb is inherently a paradox of poetry
Transparently trochaic, it cannot contain itself. Poor thing, it is
Its own antithesis, and as such might be my spiritual synthesis
As I am, also, set against myself; depicting what I am not
Form fascinates me, yet I am myself most formlessly
Chaotic; cramming weeks of work, after delays, into mere days
I am the iamb, so much smaller than my ambition. Amen.


Form: Complex Alliterisen

Prompt: Write a poem that contains the refrain “I am” at least six times.

3 thoughts on “Am I, Though?

  1. Nice: playful & humorous.
    However I think the form weakens the poem somewhat (you seem to have extra syllables simply to meet the criteria). I recommend abandoning the structures of the form to tighten it & allow the wit to shine through even more.

    That said: I definitely intend to try out this one myself.

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