Empty Space is Full of Regrets

Spoilers for the end of Portal 2, and a reference to Blue Sky. Press the button – if you dare.

My shadow crosses the moon,
But the moon doesn’t care.
I lost it all, except my voice
And they can’t hear me There.

Will anyone ever find me?
A speck against the light
I orbit a huge uncaring rock,
Yeah, that feels about right.

I messed up, didn’t I, Kevin?
Yes, yes, I know we’re in space.
I wish I could tell her I’m sorry.
I hope she got out of That Place.

At least the Space Core’s happy
Surrounded by planets and stars
The lights all dance about up here
I wonder which one’s Mars?

I really am, honestly sorry
For everything I put you through
I’ve told the moon so a million times
I wish I could say it to you.

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