Madness is a Journey and a Destination

Spoilers for Portal 2 right through to the end. This poem lies beneath the Facility.

Mr. Johnson was never that sane
To begin with, it probably came
From his family line
That, or hitting the wine,
Might be why his dad named the kid “Cave”.

As for Caroline, though sadly used,
She was more than a woman abused.
She backed Cave’s plans with glee
Though unfortunately
Being GLaDOS knocked all her screws loose

Now it’s Wheatley up there in the frame
And his story is more of the same
Though his ego’s not helped
By his poor sense of self
And the Itch worming into his brain

When surrounded by madness, let’s face it
It’s tempting to fully embrace it
But that isn’t Chell’s way
At the end of day
She’ll pack up her trouble and space it.

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