Gifts of the Spirit…10 am

I watched him as he walked across the room.

His head hung low, his shoulders bent.

The weight of his burdens evident.


He sat, no smile on his face,

No cheer or wonder in his voice.

It seemed as though everything in his world was wrong.


It was obvious that he didn’t know.

He didn’t know that he was loved.

He didn’t know what he meant to the God above.


I started to sing a song in his ear.

A song of what he was worth.

I sang of his talents, I sand of love and possible rebirth.


I whispered to him so that he would know,

That he can let go of the past.

That despite what others do and say, he can find a joy that lasts.


I watched as he slowly started to smile.

He lifted his shoulders, his eyes no longer grey.

I slipped away unseen. He would make it through another day.


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