Take Care

Dear Chile,

Now, I did not want to come to you in this way. You know that I didn’t girl. The fact is that you don’t dream anymore so I can’t visit like I used to.

Y’all think spirits are free. That’s what y’all think until it’s y’all body three ways separate- mind, soul, and spirit.

Anyway, Dearest most stubborn Chile of mine, there’s really no truth in turning over in graves. We are not magicians lifting embalmed bodies partially decaying. You know that we are under the earth.

Chile, let me get to it before you throw this thing away. You only read two types of talking- no words or straightforward.
I’m telling you Chile you have to take care of yourself. Be selfish. Be honest. The strength for everything and everyone else will come quicker than before.

“Mary, that girl gone let them chill in kill her.. she just like you was bout that old man. ‘Cept for her young.
My mama says tell you that.

“Ruth, let her ass learn. If she wants to be with us let her come on. We miss her don’t we?” James Smith still ain’t got good sense. Yes he is your father. I feel your questioning.

Clyde mostly hovers over his headstone wondering why he didn’t get a walk in grave . We don’t remember the name of the thang. Anyways, he just always waiting for y’all to visit. Why don’t y’all visit? Why don’t you and your brother visit?
Your brother and sister visit all the time.

Big ma sys she knows that you gone finish that quilt and make us proud. And Ludie say, after she search for James, she say, she thinks you Gigi after her style. I tell her you remind me of me and here I am.

Daughter, take care of yourself!

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