The truth behind Mason #20

Have I ever told you,

the truth behind Mason,

How he ventured to Waterloo,

and washed his hands in a basin?


I think I have not,

so gather around,

and I’ll tell you what

Mason did while he was still sound.


Mason was a tired old man,

who loved black shoelaces,

and lived in a big, bulky white van,

which doubled as multiple workplaces.


One day, he decided,

that he’d travel to Waterloo,

rather unguided,

and brought with him two black leather shoes.


Of course, he told us,

he’d like to buy a washbasin,

and believed nothing finer than Waterloo would rust,

and so he traveled to Waterloo, and ate nothing but raisins!


And so now, we come,

to the truth behind Mason,

he had a rather green thumb!

And so he purchased a field,

planted good vine,

and waited for what it would yield!

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