Maybe a Song

We cast a spell
to protect us from unkindness
and people who adore celebrities.
“I wish our spell included 
protection against houseflies.”
I mutter, waving them off to pester another.
Silently and to myself, I warn the fly.
I don’t want to kill you,
But I won’t lose sleep over it.
”The song isn’t that bad,” 
Gently intrudes on my unspoken threats.
”No.” I agree. 
Working on appreciation,
acceptance and the ukulele.
Anticipating chords changes.
Being lulled by the calm melody.
I picture the song’s placement
somewhere with Bon Iver
And “Somebody I used to know.” 
Sort of sad, 
Sort of sweet.
It’s a really good drawing,
The dog on the cover, I mean.
And I’m not criticizing.
Maybe it is a cover. 
When at first I listened,
I thought it
Some kind of fish.
The drawing I mean.

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