(7th hour) This man on the corner

This man stands there looking alone, lost and clearly in fear.

His eyes hazed over I say hello no response I guess he cant hear.

I ask if he needs help and nothing comes out when all at once he calls me Gloria now I know he needs his bed

This man on the corner is not deaf he needs help, he has alzheimers I must find his home he needs his meds.

This man on the corner can be you or me, memories lost like the blank stare in his eyes.

He must be so scared, lost and alone, my dad too has this disease someday’s he just sits there and cries.

This man on the corner is now in good hands he wears a bracelet with a nursing home address.

Now I’ve returned him he’s home at last his wife Gloria says thank you as his hand she does  her best to caress

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