To my grandmothers (Hour 4)

To my grandmothers

I wish that the afterlife allowed for letters.
Why not let some document float to earth,
ethereal and mysterious,
but newsy.

News from two women who died too young.
News from the grandmothers I never met.

You could fill a page with memories for me:
how you did laundry
and cooked meals
and fell in love.

You could tell me about you.
Did you sing off-key?
Did you read books by candlelight?
Did you love lilacs and spring rains?

Write about what made you happy
and what made you sad.

Most important, let me know if you can see me.
Did you know when I was born?
Did you know that I was born?

Send me a hug or
at least put XOXO on the letter
and sign it

Love, Grandma

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