2022 prompt/hour 8: “buttons”

2022 prompt/hour 8: “buttons”

As a child

I enjoyed visiting

I enjoyed all the colours

I enjoyed all the sounds

The flash of the metal as it shuttled by

The soft sway of fabrics

The many coloured bits and bobs that all rattled differently

I was so small

I didn’t quite know they why of what any of it was for exactly

I was just happy to be there

People walking everywhere festooned in fabrics

People somehow managing not to crash into one another

People all moving in a wonderful dance where they all seemed to understand

From there I sat watching – upon the table – too small still to be underfoot

From there I overlooked my domain and knew that everything was colourful and good

From there I could see a man come towards me with trays – colour upon colour. Always my favourite was blue.

I was good at this ans day I was happy

I look back now knowing it was to keep a child occupied

I know it likely wouldn’t be allowed now for safety reasons and that saddens me in a way

For – oh!

I recall the sounds

I recall the colour

I recall the movement

I recall the love I was looked after with

And I know that sitting there, on a table

I found my place

I found my happiness

I found the task that suits me

I make buttons

When I tell people they look bored

Middle aged man makes buttons. Yawn.

But, to me – it’s about love.

Love for the people in that room so long ago

Love for the colours

Love for the sounds

Love for the textures

Love for the people I meet every day who understand what I mean.

When I say when I make buttons I can still be in that room with those people I loved

I still work

Everyone works

But, for me, there will always more love than miserable grind to it

So if you can – find something with more love to it.

Life should be full as possible of joy


Merry – LordCricket 2022 poetry marathon

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