There once was a man named Chester,

Who had a parrot called Lester.


They went for a ride to Dover

and ended up getting pulled over.


The officer walked up right away

And asked Chester what he had to say,


As Chester opened his mouth to speak,

Lester replied, “Fuck you, Pardon me!”


The officer was nice and asked him twice,

Lester responsed “Fuck what? EXCUSE Me!”


Chester tried in vain to explain, but

The officer was quite put out,


I’m taking you in, he said with no grin and

Don’t you know that damn bird said, again


“Fucking Thank you!” with a sneer and poo.

The judge asked, what should I do with you?


 Is there something wrong with your head?

“Well, How the fuck are you?” Lester said.



 as they took them a way, he told the court,

“Have a Fucking nice day.” And shat on the door.


Sitting in the cell, side by side, Chester looked over

 What you say now you’ve got us in trouble?


Lester shook his head and puffed his chest,

And squawked, “Welcome home. Chester”


Tucked his head under his wing and went to sleep.







August 14, 2016

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