Crazy (HR 14)

My skin’s a little tough

You have pushed me to a point that got me looking crazy

I told you to never take me there

I got this feeling in my gut

Someone is going to have come save you

I’ve had my share of “fuckboys” who like talking sideways

Until I put them in their places

I’m not the one to play with

You’ve been moving shady

You can’t even say my name, won’t even call me baby

Last time I checked I’m supposed to be your lady

But I found out that I’m not the only one you been with lately

I feel my anger coming out

Been sitting back holding it all in

Saving face so I can save my reputation

But you are hell bent on making me look crazy

I’ve been holding us down, while you been hoeing around

And when I confront you, I’m the one who’s tripping

Until I caught you both in my home

This whole situation is toxic

This situation is all wrong

Now I’m slashing out the tires on your car

I already got your windows and no I’m not even sorry

I’m angry that you even got to me that point

And I know it’s going to cost me and I’m not even worried

I’m all out of fucks and I’ve ran out of patience lately

I’m about to put you in your feelings baby

Since you wanted to play me

And call me crazy

I’m going to show you crazy

And you don’t know about crazy until you see my side of crazy

And trust me in the end you’re going to hate me

But this is the way you made me

So you’ve got no one to blame but yourself

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