Spider of depression

Once there was a happy fly,
Roaming here, hopping there,
One day a spider saw her
Slowly, steadily moving towards the fly
The spider took her in the grip of her eight legs
As the first leg tightened, the fly lost concentration
The second one took her energy
The third made her aware of her helplessness
With the fourth leg on her, the fly became hopeless
Inability to sleep was the fifth gift of the spider to the fly
She did not want to do the things she liked, and that was the sixth gift to the fly by the spider
She became more and more sad about her condition and this was the gift of the seventh leg of the spider
As the eighth leg started gripping her,the fly herself wanted to die
And hence the spider of depression fulfilled her last wish by ending the worst journey of her life

5 thoughts on “Spider of depression

  1. Ooh, I like this poem’s fable-like qualities. With each line, the spider and the fly grow more vivid to me, yet so do the human lessons of sinking / falling into the trap of depression. I enjoyed this and will continue to reflect on it.

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