Miss You (hour 8, prompt 8)

Heat shimmered at the treeline
Like a veil of magic light
Crickets chirped throughout the field
As day faded into night
The fireflies came out to play
As stars scattered ‘cross the sky
I sat down with my memories
And looked up with a sigh

I miss you, I whispered to the stars
You’ve been gone so very long
It seems a lifetime’s passed since then
And, damn, everything is wrong
What I’d give to talk to you
To feel your booming voice
To hear you say “right fucking on”
As if there were a choice
To know everything was right, again
That nothing left was wrong
What I’d give to have my brother back
For you to not be gone

Tears flooded down my face
Till I couldn’t see the moon
As I walked away, I whispered
“Tell the rest I miss them, too.”

Rest in Paradise. šŸ–¤
~Mandy KocsisĀ©2020~

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