You Tried

My saviour,

You tried, I know
Don’t cry, for I still feel your pain
Like you felt mine
You tried, I know

You were my saviour
when you picked me from the streets
You were my saviour
when you granted me a better death
You tried, I know

I didn’t understand much of
what was happening to me
but I knew, you would do right by me
Or whatever you did was certainly right to me
You tried, I know!

You cried as you called out my name
and I came to you even in my pain
You put the leash around my neck
for the first and the last time
You tried, I know!

I wasn’t used to the leash
So I fought and it tightened around my neck
Like a noose
And you yelled out in pain, more than me
You tried, I know!

It was time for me to go
You could not see me suffer so
So, I lay as you helped me die
I just went deeper into sleep
You tried, I know!

I will wait for you beyond the rainbow bridge
For now, I’ll pray to be your smile
That’s all I was, that’s all I wanted
I tried, you know!

Yours faithfully,

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